Kettle Cove

After two back-to-back travel weekends, our family decided to start a new summer tradition: Saturday morning breakfasts at a local beach. DP packed hard-boiled eggs, coffee, juice, croissants, and homemade strawberry jam. By 9:00 a.m., all of us were in bathing suits and ready to go. We decided to visit one of our favorite spots: Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth. …

Strawberry Festival Desserts

Every summer, without fail, our family goes to the New Gloucester Strawberry Festival. We make sure to eat a light dinner, so our bellies can handle the humongous desserts that the volunteers at the festival so lovingly create.

Dot’s Ice Cream Shop

Summer is fleeting. MP wishes the family could have more time to enjoy the season before school, schedules, and big projects, like moving into a new house, became the focus of our days. But a girl can pretend, right? With that idea in mind, we visited Dot’s Ice Cream Shop in Bath.

Opening Day: Mainely Custard

When your neighborhood ice cream stand opens for the season, it’s worth visiting, no matter what the weather. Even though it was a little breezy outside, the team was determined to visit Freeport’s Mainely Custard on opening day. Black Raspberry was today’s flavor, but the kids are traditionalists. CP#1 chose a scoop of chocolate custard on a sugar cone, and …

Ocean Park Soda Fountain

Not long ago, the team ventured to Ocean Park—also known as the quieter side of Old Orchard Beach. We loved exploring the wide, sandy beach, but what really interested us was the Ocean Park Soda Fountain, complete with heart-shaped chairs, wooden booths and pinstripe valances on the windows. It’s not unusual to find a line out the door, but the …